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Your tax-deductible donation will go directly to projects in Africa, the US and beyond that build and regenerate any or all of: communities, agriculture, the environment, sustainability and resilience, and wildlife.
Maaviva is currently making the most of our unique ability to be flexible, creative and sensitive to innovate and pioneer new ways for people to be able to live harmonious with wildlife, including and featuring elephants!
If you prefer to donate by check, please make the check out to MAAVIVA and send this address:

N9565 Tamarack Rd.

Eagle, WI 53119

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MaaViva has had a very pivotal role in supporting Green Africa Peace Initiatives achieve the much breadth and width of success so far.  Over the last 1 1/2 years since MaaViva commenced to work with us, this is what we have achieved:

1. We have planted more than 150 trees in our site as well as donating to the community members and 2 schools. The contribution of the trees to the general change of physical appearance and mentality of locals who never believed in planting trees is unsurmountable. The transformation, however gradual, has been magnificent and our mission is to keep planting more so as to help in combating climate change.  Also, an alternative source of fuel and reducing much pressure on the environment in terms of deforestation for firewood and charcoal.

2. Children conservation education-Through support from MaaViva our children have been actively engaged and participated in conservation education . They have done one elephant drawing competition that went very well .It has taken us long to organize another one but we plan to have one a few days to Christmas this year.  They have also been involved fully in tree planting, permaculture activities and also our environmental cleaning exercise that we do twice a month MaaViva has made a huge contribution in changing lives of the children into stewards and future custodians of conservation.

3. Jobs to locals-Many of the volunteers and workers who get jobs from time to time in our permaculture site have been able to get something to sustain their families.  It is not so consistent since we do not have salaries for full-time jobs but there is much that those who have been here have benefited.  A particular man for the last year has been able to get food for his family and also make small payments for his son in secondary school.  People appreciate the small amount they get and MaaViva has made that possible.


Donor Amounts/Names

Any amount                    Mtu Mwema (Good Person )
$100                                  Rafiki  (Friend )
$200                                 Msaidizi (Helper)
$500                                 Mwongozo (Guide)
$1000                               Kiongozi  (Leader)
$2000                              Mpenzi  (Philanthropist)
$5000                              Kubadilisha ulimwengu (World Changer)
$10,000                           Mtazamaji (Visionary

Donors  (top amount donated in any 1 year)

Mtazamaji   ($10,000 +)
Anita Comer
Planting Hope:  The Dr Mike Kleban Memorial Fund

Mpenzi  ($2000+)
Western Land and Water LLC

Kelly and Scott Cook
Dr. Phil runs for Rhinos, Children, and Africa
Dr. Mike and Kristi Kleban
Kirstin and Emily Maki Foundation
MaaViva Benefit Soiree with the Arcadia Piano Trio

Kiongozi ($1000+)

Elkhorn Rotary Club
Dr. Lorraine Abate
Dominic Arnold
Evan Rapaport
Benevity Foundation

Mwongozo ($500+)
Dr Barbara Lee
Kristi and Ryan Kleban
Jim and Jill Walsh
Grant Houghton

Msaidizi ($200+)

Lori Barian                                                        Sev Huselid                          Shawna Kleban

Julianne John Birthday Fundraiser       Troy Baker                            Julie Kleban-Myers
Georgia Ramthun                                    Kurt Iverson                         Kelly/Scott/Brent/Brad Cook
Dr Jeff and Jeane Korosec                       Bill and Ajka Wallace          Carl Safina 

Polly Hall                                                   Jane Burke                            Stan and Carolyn Kleban

Rafiki and Mtu Mwema
There are many Friends and Good People in the world who have contributed in monetary and many other ways to our cause!  
We thank you all!!!

In-kind Donations

Donor Comments

"It is my privilege and hearts desire to be able to help wildlife, and especially elephants. I am thankful for the thoughtful, educated and direct pathway that you provide."   Donor

"I am glad to support your efforts to make this world a better place.  Thanks for the hope you bring to the children and the animals."  Donor

"It felt so good to contribute to your wonderful organization. Your work and dedication not only helps those you directly work with, but it is setting an example in how sustainability can help restore and preserve not only our Earth, but all of us who call her home. Thank you for all you do!!!!"   Donor


Click here to support Planting Hope-Dr. Mike Kleban Memorial Fund organized by Planting Hope


Feel free to email us with any questions or other ways to donate.

MaaViva is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization that promotes education, sustainability, science, and interconnectedness.

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