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Sustaining Wild Life

Africa is home to more impressive, majestic land mammals than any other continent.  Its elephants, rhinos, giraffes zebras, antelope, and big cats inspire awe and reverence, and also, unfortunately, greed and violence. While Africa struggles with resource depletion, it also attracts those who love adventure and its abundant wildlife, which can sooth the intense need many of us have for connecting with nature.  Although these animals embody an irreplaceable international treasure, they are constantly in mortal peril of disappearing completely from the face of our earth. In this milieu, there are a number of courageous, dedicated and inspiring Africans who are risking their lives on a daily basis to save these animals. MaaViva is supporting the work of these individuals as well as the work of other partner organizations working on the ground in Africa.

Decreasing human wild life conflict


Counter Poaching

Enhancing Habitat


Researching what works

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