Waste Cycling

It is becoming clear to most people that human waste can and is now overwhelming the earth's inherent beauty and life-sustaining capacities.  The global plastic crisis is capturing the world's attention.  Along with climate change there are also infectious diseases, oceanic dead-zones, algae blooms, and aquatic drug and plastic contamination.  These things come from fossil fuel emissions, industrial production,  agricultural run-off, and other governmental and societal failures to consider and work with life-giving natural cycles.  We must now promote and utilize the best of human ingenuity to bring human earthly activity back into harmony with nature to allow the health and well-being of all living beings.

Building demonstration of a botanical cell planter with recycled materials.  Such a planter uses plants and biologic activity to clean and purify waste water while at the same time growing plants that can produce food.  Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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